The History of Window Cleaner in the UK

Window cleaning has become a part of daily life in the UK. The proliferation of window cleaning services in the United Kingdom has contributed significantly to making window cleaning a common occurrence in the country. However, have you ever thought about how it all started?

We’ll take you through a brief history of window cleaner in the United Kingdom.

Egyptians perfected the art of glassmaking, opening the way for the introduction of windows into European designs some centuries ago. The United Kingdom manufactured the first glass window during the Roman Empire and was generally referred to as broadsheet glass. The glass was of poor quality and was a bit expensive and as such, couldn’t be produced for long.

In the early 17th century, glass production increased as more affordable and more durable glass was produced in the country. This led to more glass windows across the country.

Ernest Solvay, a Belgian chemist, discovered glass windows that were cost-effective in the mid 1800’s. Some centuries later, glass windows gained wide recognition and acceptance. It became a common feature in homes, offices, and elsewhere. As more glass windows are used, the need for window cleaning services arose.

However, the industry went down during the First World War. However, it bounced up again when the war was over. As people started rebuilding after the war, there was a growing need for the cleaning industry.

In the 1930’s, Mr Ettore Steccone, a US citizen with an Italian background, designed the modern day squeegee and developed it as well. As this cleaning tool gained more popularity, it found its way to the United Kingdom and Europe.

The advancement in technology has resulted in the manufacturing of high-quality and efficient window cleaning items such as the Water Fed Pole.

Water fed pole cleaning systems are what we use here at Splash & Sparkle to safely clean windows in High Wycombe every day!

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