Splash & Sparkle Supporting Friends Of PICU

Our baby son Cameron was born on 15th July 2015 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. 

On the 29th July 2015, Aged 14 days Cameron turned grey at home and we took him back to hospital in Aylesbury. Shortly afterwards Cameron suffered a collapse, the team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital called for the Southampton & Oxford Retrieval Team.

The retrieval team came to Aylesbury and retrieved our little man to the PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) at Southampton General Hospital where we were told that cameron is suffering from a very rare heart condition called Myocarditis, caused by a viral infection entrovirus,

Friends Of PICU actually purchased the retrieval ambulance (A fully kitted out mobile children’s intensive care unit) that came to collect Cameron.

We will never be able to thank the charity for playing a huge role in saving Cameron’s life.

Splash and Sparkle are now operating in Southampton & the surrounding areas for the duration of our stay, which is expected to be well into the months. While we are here we are providing our professional, fully insured and reliable gutter cleaning services to Southampton, Eastleigh & the New forest – and donating 10% of all sales here to Friends of PICU.

If you would like to Donate then please do so here – https://www.justgiving.com/friendsofpicu/donate/

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