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Do you own a relatively modern home that has been finished with render at some point in its lifetime? Is your property beginning to look a little tired, grubby, and lived in? Render has become an increasingly popular finish with builders because it offers a modern looking attractive finish that is pleasing to the eye. Another benefit of rendering a property is that it is relatively low-maintenance, which is appealing to homeowners because we all like to do as little maintenance as possible!

Perfect On Paper - A Little Different in Reality

While there is no doubt that render, when it is new, looks stunning, and it is fair to say that there is minimal maintenance when compared with other types of finish, the dream of just never having to lift a finger is yet to be achieved. Moss, dirt, and algae will all grow on render, and if you live near to a busy motorway, industrial area, or forest, then the problems appear a lot quicker. Splash and Sparkle are the experts when it comes to cleaning render and restoring it to its original glory. This is important because if you leave your render untreated for an extended period of time, not only will it look unkempt, but its original colour will start to fade, or perhaps even worse, become stained by the moss or algae. Splash and Sparkle using an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning product to destroy the stains and leave your building looking fantastic.

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Commercial Render Cleaning

It is very easy when you work in a building every day to become totally blind to how it looks to a stranger or, more importantly, a prospective customer.

First impressions make a huge difference, and if the render of your building is dirty and overgrown with moss and algae, you are going to struggle to convince any prospective customer that your company is one they want to work with.

Although it might be tempting to simply paint over the wall, giving it a fresh lick of paint would be a false economy. Firstly this is merely masking the problem, and if anything, you are trapping the algae and moss spores within your paint. This can lead to severe problems further down the line, which could be both challenging and expensive to rectify.

Our team of engineers have many years of experience in commercial render cleaning. We have provided them with the latest cleaning equipment and materials to ensure that they can deliver a high quality, pristine finish for your render.

Render Cleaning - FAQ's

Soft washing is a cleaning system that uses low pressure to safely remove moss, bacteria, algae, fungus, and moss. The difference between soft washing and pressure washing is that pressure washing uses the force of the water to blast the dirt off. The problem with this approach is that it can cause damage to your render, which is the last thing you want. Soft Wash uses environmentally friendly chemicals to replicate the cleaning power of the pressure washer without the potential risks.
Red Algae is one of the most challenging stains to remove from render, but the good news is that because of the experience and knowledge of our technicians and the professional equipment and cleaning materials we use, we can and do remove all traces of red algae. The reality is that if you want a professional job done, you need to employ professionals, and that is precisely what Splash and Sparkle is – one of the leading professional render cleaning companies in the United Kingdom.

Once again, this is one of those challenging services that many of our competitors choose not to offer, but which is one of our most popular services. Although tools are not everything, when it comes to high level render cleaning, it is essential that the technicians can access your building safely and confidently in order that they can complete the work to a high standard. We have invested in our staff to ensure they are qualified to operate our machinery.

Our staff are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), qualified operators. This highly-sought-after qualification means that they can safely operate cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and other power access equipment. We also have PASMA trained access tower teams. (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association.) As you can see, Splash and Sparkle never cut any corners and is totally committed to providing a safe and professional service to all of our customers.

For Render cleaning projects we serve Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London & Oxfordshire.

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