How To Clean Your Inside Windows… Perfectly!

Cleaning your windows regularly is a great way to keep both your windows and home clean and tidy. Doing it perfectly will have a lasting impression on your home and be a delight to your guests.

Although many clean the outside of their windows regularly, only a handful of people are concerned about keeping the inside clean. When you see fingerprints all over the inside of your windows when the sun shines on them, it is hightime you gave them a thorough cleaning from inside.

Here is a simple way to clean the inside of your windows and make it sparkling clean:

  1. Get your cleaning kit. This should include the cleaning solution, a large bowl, soft cotton cloth, cleaning cloth, towels, and a soft toothbrush. It is advisable that you use the best cleaning solution for the best result.
  2. To take care of spillages and drips, lay some towels on the windowsills. If you are using wooden windowsills, this is very important to prevent damaging the windowsills.
  3. Start the cleaning by spraying the cleaning solution from the top of the window down.
  4. With the cleaning cloth, wipe the window from top to bottom, in a circular motion. This makes it easier to remove marks. Continue the cleaning with vertical strokes and then horizontal strokes. This will ensure that all areas are properly cleaned without leaving some streaks.
  5. Next, use the soft toothbrush or cotton for the cleaning. Dip it in the cleaning solution and clean the windows’ edges with the soaked toothbrush or cotton bud.  
  6. When you are done, dry the edges with a towel. If there is excess moisture, mop it up.
  7. Finally, use the dry soft cloth to polish the glass. Note that the used cloth is not ideal for polishing.
  8. In order to get the cleaning perfectly done, look at the windows from different directions. This enables you to see if there are streaks or smudges that may rubbish everything you have done. If you find these, clean them with the soft cloth to get a perfectly cleaned window.

Don’t leave the inside of your windows pretty dirty while the outside is sparkling clean and attractive. Do this regularly and see the effect on the windows and your home.

What’s more, it won’t take you much time to do the cleaning but the result will awe you for a long time.

If you choose to have a professional window cleaner to clean your insides, then give us a call on 01494 355301 and we will be happy to help.

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