Driveway Cleaning

Is the driveway of your property beginning to look tired, dirty, or discoloured? Perhaps it has become overgrown with moss and algae and is now a slip hazard. It is easy to forget that our driveways are exposed to all types of weather conditions throughout the course of the year. Whether it is the baking hot sun, slowly discolouring your tarmac, or rain and snow attacking the surface, your driveway is under constant attack from nature.

In addition, our cars deposit oil and other stains, in addition to the wear and tear of everyday life. It is easy to become used to the slow but steady deterioration of your driveway because you see it every day, but eventually, you will notice just how dirty your drive has become.

Splash and Sparkle are faced with this situation every day, where worried homeowners call us to rectify the situation. And the good news is we have the tools, the knowledge, and the expertise to restore your driveway to its original condition, potentially increasing the value of your property as an added bonus.

What Makes Splash and Sparkle the Best Choice for Driveway Cleaning

It is crucial when you choose which company to clean your drive that you conduct a little research. Splash and Sparkle are a well-established company with an excellent reputation. We have invested in the market’s best equipment, including a van mounted commercial pressure steam and cleaning system. This has the capability of being able to deliver water at 21 liters per minute, delivering 200 bars of pressure, and is the perfect tool to clean the vast majority of driveways. It comes equipped with a range of lances, nozzles and chemicals, which help us to eliminate virtually any type of driveway stain.

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A Professional Driveway Cleaning Team With Many Years of Experience

Having the right equipment is only half the story, to clean a driveway properly requires knowledge, experience, and the skillset to know precisely how much pressure to use on each job. Although many people assume that pure power is the answer to every problem, the reality is that too much pressure on the wrong type of surface can damage the structure of the driveway or brickwork. We can quickly decide whether the best option is to use a chemical cleaning option or pressure steam cleaning.

Our teams are specialists in demanding pressure work projects; we regularly clean large outdoor car parks, underground car parks, complete building cleaning, and even specialist stone cleaning. We have restored thousands of domestic driveways to their original pristine condition, using our specialist equipment and expertise. It does not matter what type of surfaces your driveway is constructed from; we have experience with tarmac, block paving, resin, Pattern Imprinted Surfaces (PIC), and any other type of surface.

Driveway Clenaing Vehicle

Driveway Resanding

If you have a block paving driveway, we recommend driveway resanding after the cleaning process has been completed. This is an optional extra and must be completed on a different day than your driveway is cleaned, as it is essential that the base of your driveway is perfectly dry when the drive is resanded. Resanding is critical, in our opinion, to maintain the structure of your driveway.
Driveway Cleaning & Resanding

Oil Removal

We know first had how frustrating it can be to find oil on your driveway or even your patio.

Maybe your car or delivery van leaked oil, or a piece of machinery leaked hydraulic oil? Or it could be that your BBQ has simply spat oil onto your much loved patio.

No matter the cause of the oil on your driveway you can be sure that we have the expertise, equipment, and experience to deal with the most challenging of oil spills.

Oil Removal

Driveway Cleaning - FAQ's

Yes, because we use industrial-strength machines with the potential to deliver a tremendous amount of power if required, we do need access to an outside tap. We do not and never will connect to an internal tap.

Everything we do at Splash and Sparkle is designed with the customer in mind. For quotations, all that we require from you is a photograph of your drive, your name, and address, which you can send to us via Whatsapp, or alternatively call our customer service team on 01494 355991, and we can schedule an appointment to come and see you in person, whichever option is easier for you.

We will use a sodium hypochlorite-based cleaner, which is clinically proven to kill algae and all organisms living in or on your driveway surfaces as long as it is safe to do so and you are happy for chemicals to be used to clean your driveway. If not we will simply clean using pressure and heat where needed.

We use another selection of chemicals for other tasks such as oil stain removal.

While we make every effort to protect any adjoining grass or flowers, there is a small risk of temporary burning to grass edges, and the chemical we use is harmful to flowers. To minimise the damage, we water down any plants before, during, and after the cleaning process.

Chemical cleaning is not mandatory although it does deliver the best result, so this is something we will discuss with you at the time of booking. We will only ever offer this option when it is safe to do so.

Yes, that is one of the benefits of using a professional driveway cleaning company. Our chemical cleaning process removes all traces of blackspot.
We do provide sealing services as an option, but only between June and August. This is because the sub base needs to be 100 percent dry to ensure that the sealer forms a perfect seal with the surface of your driveway. We are a Smartseal approved contractor and exclusively use their product range.
Yes, we can, although this will, of course, depend on the condition of the tarmac. Feel free to send us a picture of your tarmac via WhatsApp or give us a call on 01494 355001, and we will be able to provide you with a definitive answer.
Yes, we are a professional company who regularly undertake large commercial projects such as underground car parks and driveways.

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