Annual Gutter Cleaning is what Insurance Companies Recommend

Gutters on private or commercial properties are prone to get blocked and damaged. This may have a huge impact on the building itself, the equipment in them, and what have you. This may increase your insurance premiums as well as the risk of damage. 

Insurance companies are determined to help home and other property owners to reduce the vulnerability of their properties to damage. They recommend that you clean your gutter annually. Such annual general maintenance will complement your regular cleaning. You won’t have reasons to worry over damage to your gutter or your property. 

Here are some valuable tips that will make the annual cleaning fun and result-oriented, rather than a chore and boring:

1. Use a sturdy ladder for the cleaning. An extendable ladder placed on a sturdy surface will help you do a good job. For safety purpose, consider using a ladder stabilizer. This guarantees your safety and prevents you from damaging the gutters. 

2. Wear appropriate attire for the job. Work pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber gloves will do. 

3. Use a sizable plastic scoop for gunk removal from the gutters. You can get these scoops in a hardware store. Alternatively, use a plastic kitchen spatula you are no longer using. 

4. Get a plastic tarp where you can dump the stuff. This spares your lawn and keeps your environment clean. 

5. Flush the gutters when you are done with the cleaning. Clear the muck with a garden hose. The flushing will make the gutters sparkling clean. If there are leaks in the gutters, you will know that during the flushing. 

With these great tips, you will do a good job of keeping your gutter cleaning without compromising your safety. 

However, if you are not up to this, a gutter-cleaning company is just a call away from you.  Call us today on 01494 3553001.

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