5 Signs that Your Gutters need Cleaning

Gutters are important to your property due to the functions they perform. When your gutters are clogged, this may lead to some serious problems that may damage your property. 

Many property owners don’t know the right time to clean their gutters. Such people do leave their gutter cleaning to a matter of chance. That is wrong. 

1. Presence of Pests and Animals

If you notice any of the signs listed above in your gutters, it is time to get them properly cleaned. 

Gutters are not meant to be home to animals and pests. Therefore, when you see signs of such creatures walking around or playing in your gutters, the gutter needs urgent cleaning. 

Some animals such as mice, birds, and a host of others will build nests in gutters when they find enough debris to build nests. Big and dangerous animals are usually attracted by the smaller ones. You wouldn’t want birds and rats to attract snakes and the likes to your home, do you? Don’t allow them to keep living in your gutters. Clean the gutters as soon as you can. 

2. Overflowing Water

Water is supposed to move freely in your gutters. However, when you start noticing signs of overflowing water from the gutters, it needs urgent attention. The overflowing water shows the gutters are already blocked by debris. Get up and unclog the gutters. 

3. Plants are Growing in the Gutters

When you see plants growing in your gutters, you don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that they are clogged. Dirt and seeds can get into your gutters easily. When they are left unremoved for a long period of time, they have enough time to grow. Before they constitute a nuisance to your home, remove the plants and clean the gutters. 

4. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Cleaned Them

If it has been long you cleaned your gutter last, now is probably the right time to clean it again. Since the last time you removed debris from the gutters, tons of debris may have taken over them. They may have become a breeding ground to plants and animals. The accumulated debris may also a negative impact on your gutters and the property itself. Don’t allow the situation to get worse. It’s time to keep the gutters clean. 

5. The Gutter is Sagging

If you see signs that your gutters are sagging, the weight of heavy debris in the gutters is responsible for this. When you leave your gutters for long without cleaning, it is easier for debris, leaves, and water to accumulate over time. Their accumulation will take its toll on your gutters. You must act swiftly to address the situation. 

There some other signs we can’t cover in this article. However, with these five signs, it is pretty obvious that your gutters will appreciate timely cleaning.  If you leave them unattended to, they will become homes to plants and animals. This is in addition to the possible damage that clogged gutters may do to your property. 

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